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The Students

Partners of SPLAT



Name: Michael Guggenheim

Location: Minnesota

Interest: Teaching, Computers, Sports, and Entrepreneurship,

Experience: Founder of SPLAT

Info: A life changing event for me was getting my own laptop. Having dysgraphia would cause extraordinary pain and make my writing illegible. After receiving a laptop I was able to write pain free and clearly. This helped propel my education and allowed me to to excel without having to use a pencil. During the summer before sixth grade I realized how many underprivileged did not have the same opportunity as me and the significance of a computer. With the knowledge of how to use a computer my hope is that the kids I teach will be able to get a job as a corporate assistant which will make a big difference in their life.


Name: Bradley Reinfeld

Location: Los Angeles

Interest: Baseball

Experience: 3 year helping SPLAT

Info: I became involved in SPLAT because I saw it as a great way to volunteer in my local community. Since 1st grade, I have used computers in every step of my learning process. So, I thought that I had the skills to give back to my greater community and help these homeless children attain more computer skills. As I have graduated high school, I now supervise Walker Reinfelds running of SPLAT at LAFH. I am in the process of looking to extend SPLAT to the East Coast at a homeless shelter in the Boston area.


Name: Brendan Boyle

Location: Minnesota

Interest: Computers

Experience: Less than 1 year helping SPLAT

Info: Ever since I was young I have loved to see how things work. I enjoy teaching others about the things I love. I am the designer of this website. More to come...

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