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The Students

Partners of SPLAT

SPLAT relies on your charitable donation.

SPLAT relies entirely on charitable donations to operate, and each donation that you make is tax-dectucable, because SPLAT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Each small donation helps to pay for laptops and lessons for underpriviledged children in the Twin Cities and Los Angeles communities.

Please use the form below to donate with Paypal or Google checkout, and thank you in advance for your generous donation to SPLAT.

SPLAT Donors

2009 Donors:

Ms Wendy Conrad
Mr. Michael Gerber & Mrs. Gail Gerber
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Glaser
Mrs. Margaret Guggenheim
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hochman
Mr. Mark Islam
Ms. Pamela Kreitenberg
Ms. Linda Lapetino
Ms. Naomi Leavitt
Mr. Jerry Persky
Mr. Bradley Quick
Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Reinfeld
Ms. Evelyn Shafner
Mr. Paul Weisman
Many generous, anonymous cash contributors from Grassroots Acoustica Benefit #22, held Saturday, April 11, 2009
Patterson Dental Companies

2008 Donors:

Patterson Dental
Hoffman Brown Insurance Company
Ms. Margaret Guggenheim
The Davis Family
Don and Lolly Hochman
Mary Glarum, Esq., of Doll, Amir and Eley, for providing trademark registration assistance
Ms. Jenny Lapidus
Mrs. Ilene Reinfeld
Mr. David Batterson
Just Buy Ink
Howard Bunte
David Wilbourne
Stephanie Scotti
Smart Kids Software
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiltz
Ryan Guggenheim
The Wait Family
Ms. Liz Radley
Ms. Wendy Conrad
Ms. Jane Bolduc
Ms. Lilia Arbona
Ms. Linda Lapetino,
Mr. Mark Islam
Mr. Eddie Nichols
Ms. Elaine Ferguson,
Mercer Advisors, Inc.
Mr. Ellis
Mr. C. Maloof
The Hendricks Family
The Buckner family
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Gourly
Imtiaz Manji
Morley Builder
Mr. & Mrs. Wynne

2011 Donors:

Benco Dental
Mercer Advisors

2012 Donors:

Lilia Arbona
Patterson Dental

2013 Donors:

Website Donors: